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Opening times
MON-FRI: 06.30 - 21.30 SAT-SUN: 09.00 - 18.00


This local gym, Finchley branch is situated conveniently between Tally Ho Corner and Finchley Central Station, Park View Health Clubs is a new generation boutique gym. Our boutiques are built to a balance of beauty and function, covering North Finchley N12, Finchley Central N3, East Finchley N2, Woodside Park and the Barnet area. Located on top of My Local Finchley, 10 minutes walk from the Art Depot on Nether Street. If you're travelling by car pop in n3 1LP in your SatNav. Alternatively if you are visiting by bus we are 10 minutes walk from North Finchley bus station using bus numbers 125, 221, 121, 34.

pv classes

High intensity athletic interval training working muscle group elements. Expect to exert maximum effort to keep you burning fat for hours after the class is over. If toning, sweating and suffering is what your after. Try this!
Straight up spin with a combination of speed and resistance training throughout the class. This is a high calorie burn class. Averaging between 600 - 1000 cal per hour. Cycle to the latest beats and ride the fat away.
Stretch, strength and recovery is key. This is fast-flowing calm meets balance and flexibility. All from the mat to help work your core. Fundemental for those with tension from life and work. Let it all go here!

services & amenities

towel service

Upgrade your membership and never worry about bringing a towel with you to the gym. Get a fluffy towel every time you visit and save yourself the hassle.

fuel bar

Energise yourself pre workout or refuel post. Start your workout with a classy espresso or treat yourself with our freshly made protein shake.

locker hire

Too busy to bring your gym kit with you every time, then why not have a dedicated personal locker in the gym secured just for you.

therapy room

Training takes a toll on the body, so why not visit our specialist. Our qualified sports physiotherapist will get rid of all those aches and pains.




Yoga is a means of 'restoration' - re-alignment of posture, improved natural mobility, flexibilty & strength. 60min of FLOW.


Boxing basics that pack a punch. Drills and intervals to get you sweating and working like a pro boxer. 45/60min of DRIVE


Speed, climb and grind through pumping music to our renowned signature class. Calories will drop right off. 45/60min CYCLE


Strength, conditioning and cardio are what to expect from this full body fat burner. Intensity and functionality are key to this big hitter. 30/45min DRIVE


High intensity athletic training, covering all muscle groups. Be prepared to sweat from head to toe. 45/60min DRIVE


Yoga is a means of 'restoration' - re-alignment of posture, improved natural mobility, flexibilty & strength. 60min of FLOW.